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Recently any entrepreneurs interested in starting their bitcoin exchange business, because of the last year 2020, covid -19 totally reshaped the business industry. At that time only businesses were successfully run without any interpretation like “Crypto Exchange”. So many entrepreneurs & startups were interested to launch their own exchange platform. But they all have one question “How much does it cost to build a crypto exchange with very good security?”.

> Generally, there are 2 possible way to launch your exchange platform
> Developed from scratch

Launch your exchange by using white label crypto exchange software
In those 2 methods, white label crypto exchange software is a cost-effective & secured way to launch your exchange platform. Let me explain.

If you develop your exchange from scratch, you might face some technical & non-technical issues like crypto wallet integration, partnering with the bank, no beta test, high-cost ($ 50k or more than that), need more time, & a lot of security risk [Sometimes dark world peoples may hack your exchange platform] so most of the crypto enthusiast doesn’t prefer this method.

If you go with white label crypto exchange software, you have a lot of benefits.

Benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange:

> Customizing options - They will help you to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business needs.
> Monitor and Engage - You can easily monitor the work process
> Beta module - You can test your exchange in the Beta module
> Cost-effective - White label crypto exchange cost of development will be around $ 8k - 15k (It may vary based on the requirements.)
> Time-Period - You can launch your exchange within 1 week
> Fully secured, bug-free & adv trading features.

Best Trading & Security Features:

> Multi-language
> IEO launchpad,
> Crypto wallet,
> Instant buying/selling cryptocurrencies
> Staking and lending
> Live trading charts with margin trading API and futures 125x trading
> Stop limit order and stop-loss orders
> Limit maker orders
> Multi-cryptocurrencies Support
> Referral options
> Admin panel
> Perpetual swaps
> Advanced UI/UX
> Security Features [HTTPs authentication, Biometric authentication, Jail login, Data encryption, Two-factor authentication, SQL injection prevention, Anti Denial of Service(DoS), Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection, Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection, Escrow services, Anti Distributed Denial of Service]

It’s very impressive right!!! But all white label crypto exchange software providers are not offering all these services. Only noted crypto exchange software providers like Coinsclone, offering all these services at a budget-friendly price, to know the exact price check here >>> cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange

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