1x2 Asian Handicap Betting: What You Need to Know
Asian Handicap 1x2 is a familiar type of bet for all enthusiasts of sports betting. However, for betting enthusiasts, this term may still be relatively new. So, follow this article, and wintips will help answer all your questions about this type of bet.
What is Asian Handicap 1x2?
Asian Handicap 1x2, also known as relatively common Asian Handicap betting, is favored by many enthusiasts due to its easy-to-play nature and relatively high winning odds. Unlike Asian Handicap bets in the football betting market, where there is no draw concept, in this type of bet, players must place bets on one of the three outcomes: win, lose, or draw. That's why Asian Handicap 1x2 is also called a 3-way handicap bet.
Bookmakers will provide corresponding odds for the outcomes they offer in a football match, allowing players to participate in betting. The odds difference corresponds to the perceived strength difference between the two teams, as assessed by sites for betting.
How to read Asian Handicap 1x2 odds
1x2 is the general symbol for Asian Handicap odds that players often see on the betting boards. The symbols 1x2 correspond to each outcome:
1 represents the symbol exclusively for the home team, predicting a win for them.
x denotes a match ending in a draw for both teams.
2 is the symbol exclusively for the away team, predicting a win for them.
How to calculate Asian Handicap 1x2 winnings
Calculating winnings for this type of bet is straightforward. The formula for calculating winnings is as follows: Profit=Bet amount x Odds.
Let's follow an example to understand how to calculate winnings. Here is the odds table for Asian Handicap 1x2 from a bookmaker for the match between America de Cali and Atletico Huila in the Colombian national championship. In this match, if the home team America de Cali wins, the odds are 1.67, while the away team Atletico Huila has odds of 7.9 if they win. If the match ends in a draw, the odds for that outcome are 2.64.
Suppose you bet 100 units. The potential winnings for each outcome would be as follows:
Betting on America de Cali, and they win: 100 x 1.67=167 units.
Betting on Atletico Huila, and they win: 100 x 7.90=790 units.
Betting on a draw, and the match ends in a draw: 100 x 2.64=264 units.
How to make money with Asian Handicap 1x2
For this type of bet, players need to apply a different strategy compared to Asian Handicap or Over/Under betting. Below are some expert tips on how to play 1x2 bets without losing.
When to choose the home team to win:
Since this is a type of bet with a relatively high win rate, players need to carefully research and analyze Asian Handicap 1x2 odds before placing bets. Bet on the home team to win when:
The home team is in good form and ranks in the top 3 or top 4.
Be bold to bet on the home team if they are one of the top teams like Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool, Paris Saint Germain, and their opponents are teams ranked below 10 in the standings.
The home team's attacking form has scored more than 15 goals in the last 5 matches.
The home team has no issues with form and the starting lineup.
When to choose the away team to win:
If the away team meets at least 2 of the following criteria, consider betting on the away team.
Recent good form of the away team.
The away team always performs well when playing away.
Teams considered dark horses in the league, with a high winning rate against strong teams.
In the context of derby matches, El Clasico, etc.
Recent history shows a decent record, and there is still a chance of winning.
When to bet on a draw:
When predicting Asian Handicap 1x2, players choose a draw only when:
The gap in class between the two teams is not significant.
Both teams prefer a defensive playing style, prioritizing defense.
Both teams have no pressure on points and standings.
Matches are more of a formality.
When a weaker team faces a stronger team and plays a defensive style.
Difference between Asian Handicap 1x2 and Asian Handicap
You can easily distinguish the differences between Asian Handicap and Asian Handicap 1x2. Asian Handicap will have a handicap ratio between the betting options, while Asian Handicap 1x2 is different. In Asian Handicap 1x2, you only need to predict and place a bet, then wait until the end of the match.
Therefore, Asian Handicap 1x2 is considered easier to play than Asian Handicap because there are only 3 options to bet on, resulting in a winning probability of 33.3%.
Tips for playing Asian Handicap 1x2
To win big when playing Asian Handicap 1x2 effectively, you need to master and be proficient in analyzing odds.
Always analyze the actual strength of the two teams before participating in betting. Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will win every battle. Therefore, before betting, make sure you genuinely believe in your predictions.
Manage your capital, don't put all your money on one outcome. If you bet all your money on one outcome and unfortunately lose, you won't have a chance to recover. Take it slow, as revenge is not delayed for ten years.
Always closely follow the bookmaker's odds because the odds of betting options can be updated continuously due to external factors, and your betting odds evaluation may change.
Choose a reputable bookmaker for yourself because you wouldn't want all your betting money to go to a fraudulent organization. Wintips is the top reliable choice. Good luck with your bets and successful betting!
Asian Handicap 1x2 is the form of betting with the highest winning rate and the easiest to play among the various betting options at uk bookmaker offers. With just a few steps, you can participate in this simple form of betting. The most crucial thing for players at this point is to choose a reliable bookmaker, and wintips is the top trustworthy choice. Wish you successful betting and good luck!