In the crypto market, Binance is an iconic centralized cryptocurrency trading platform with a large user base and significant trading volume. All this is due to the reliability, features, and functionality of the site. Most entrepreneurs and startups want to build their own crypto exchange, like Binance. That's where the Binance Clone Script comes into play because it is more cost-effective than starting from scratch.
Binance Clone Script is software that replicates the same functionalities of the original platform. There are some features in the platform that make it unique from the other platforms. That’s no wonder the cost of developing one is a wow factor. Launching a Binance Clone Script starts from a range of 8k USD, which is lower than other platforms, and its default comes with advanced features like margin trade, trading bots, real-time tracking, and more. Check out this firm, Trioangle Technologies, a reputed crypto trading platform solution provider for 4+ years, to the best of my knowledge. If you are willing to build one for your business, reach out to them and get their quote for your Binance Clone Script. I hope you got an idea of the cost of the Binance clone script.