As an NFT enthusiast looking to develop your own NFT marketplace, this discussion will be helpful. In NFT development globally, several steps are considered before developing an NFT platform. Here I have listed them with a simple explanation

1. Analyze the NFT market and get to know the audience, locations, and ideas on the platform.
2. Keep in contact with a reliable partner and get in contact with an experienced team or NFT marketplace platform provider.
3. Choose an advanced technical stack that is helpful for your platform updates in the future.
4. Choose the development method and integrate the necessary app feature and infrastructure
5. Work on the design of the UI/UX of your NFT marketplace platform for businesses.
6. Choose the smart contract and security measure for the platform before the public release
7. Beta Test the NFT marketplace platform to rectify any issues that arise on the platform.
8. Deploy the NFT marketplace on the server and launch it in the market after solving any issues that arise with the platform.
9. After the installation, offers support and maintenance for the platform.

These are the steps followed in the NFT marketplace creation If you want to learn more details, take a look at the Innblockchain Academy blog on how to create an NFT marketplace platform and start your NFT marketplace business in 2024.